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Yes because we believe that you should have the right to leave us at anytime. The problem with us owning the hosting is that if you did want to leave our services you would have to ask us to transfer the website to you which can sometime be quite difficult.

You would need to create us an account so we can edit and actually design the website. We would go through this with you if you were unsure on how to do this. We will never ask for your password for the hosting account which would be a risk to you. With this account we can only edit the website and wont have access to your hosting and domain.

We fully understand and for a beginner we know it might be a bit complicated however if you don’t know how to install or add a role so we can access the site, we will take you through step by step.

About Blomley Sites

Making it possible for everyone to have a professional looking website.

We offer to design a professional looking WordPress Website. We aim for everyone to be able to have a website that they can be proud of.

What We Use:

These are what we use to help make your websites look great.